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Welcome to In Your Face Cakes

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Cakes baker in cardiff

Hello! I'm Meg and welcome to my new business In Your Face Cakes. Baking has been a love of mine for many years and now Im so happy to be able to bake and share my passion with you!

I love to make delicious baked goods including cakes, blondies, brownies, cookies and cupcakes in my home in the centre of Cardiff.

I remember baking as a child with my Nan and my Dad and food has always been at the heart of our family. I love to try lots of different flavours so that there is something for everyone, whether you like a classic, something modern or something a bit more adventurous.

All of my bakes have been inspired by flavours that my friends and family have suggested - they often want me to try something they think might be good and I use those ideas as my starting point.

When I bake, I feel a sense of calm and purpose. I love how logical baking is and it is such a stress reliever! From markets to wedding cakes, baking is my passion and something I will always love. The aim of my products is to make people happy, to create something they enjoy and most of all, something they will remember.

Come find me at farmer markets all over Cardiff.

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